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Promotional Items at Events, Meetings & Trade Shows

It can be hard to make a lasting impression at events, meetings and trade shows. When attendees stop by to visit your booth at trade shows, there is only so much time to grab their attention before they move on to their next stop. At meetings, people take in so much information that it can […]

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The Pen is Mightier

The pen is mightier…than a lot of other promotional products out there! When it comes to value, brand recognition and retention, writing instruments are tough to beat. They’re useful, easy to carry and a very common giveaway item for customers. Plus, no promotional product gets passed around more, which is why they have the best […]

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Caring to Do Good

Does your company have an interest in purchasing eco-friendly products? With a commitment to the values of sustainability, eco-friendly continue to be a growing niche for consumers. In 2015, a Nielsen study found that 66%of global consumers said they were willing to pay more for sustainable brands. This is up from 55% in 2014. Another 2015 […]

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Fall Head Over Heels for Vernon Custom Caps

Headwear has always been popular in the promotional products industry. Displaying your logo front and center, caps are a popular item that your customers want and will wear, giving your brand more impressions. With an average of 3,136 impressions during the lifetime of a cap, according to industry experts, it really gives buyers an incredible bang […]

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The Most Effective Form of Advertising

According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)’s 2017 Consumer Study, promotional products are the number one most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations. Think about it, promotional products are not only advertising, they’re oftentimes also viewed as gifts. Whether office supplies, apparel, toys, etc. promotional products are often either useful […]

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It’s Time to Think “Back to School”

It’s that time of year again when parents and students count down the days until the 2017-2018 school year (possibly for different reasons). The month of August often marks the time to start thinking about back to school shopping and preparing for the next school year. Promotional products are not only for those looking to order […]

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My Biggest Failure

My biggest failure is one that no one knows about. It’s a taunting, burning, suffocating failure, and when I let my guard down, it eats away at me. It terrifies me. It often wears me down. It continues to hurt me…but no one will ever know. No one will ever know about this failure, because […]

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Get to Know your Customers

How much do you really know about your customers…where they work, their job title, their past orders–the basics? Knowing their basics keeps your potential basic. Sustaining a strong relationship with your customers can often lead to greater things. Obviously, not everyone is comfortable in sharing about themselves. Some people like to keep their professional lives […]

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Do It

We often put things off for so many different reasons, and yet, the result of our inaction is always the same. Our brilliant idea, our awesome goal, the action that would make us happy…it lies dormant. Why do we do it? Why do we keep ourselves from taking those steps toward something better? Maybe you’re scared […]

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How to Make a Lasting Impression

First impressions…we all have them. A good first impression can influence your credibility while a bad first impression can be difficult to get over. It’s easy to look online and find article after article on how to make a good first impression. First impressions are important, however; lasting impressions are what really matter. Most of us meet […]

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